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Theme Number 21 Gospel Outreach In Samaria

Gospel Outreach
Acts 8 :1-25
Saul  was persecuting Christians in Jerusalem. Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him. Saul began to destroy [i.e. to treat so shamefully or with injury,  as to ravage, devastate, ruin]
the church by throwing both men and women into prison. Those who had been scattered by this constant opposition and persecution went everywhere preaching the Word of God.
This mad violence Paul often recalled and mentioned while serving Christ. See Act_22:4; Act_26:10; 1Co_15:9; Gal_1:13; Phi_3:6; 1Ti_1:13.
Where Jesus Christ is preached and the gospel is embraced, Satan is forced to quit his hold of men, and those are restored to their right mind who, while they were blinded by Satan, were distracted and dissatisfied. The bringing of Christ’s gospel to any place or individual is a matter of great joy to that place or person. The Summarized Bible by Keith L. Brooks 1919

Acts 8 :4-8 The Gospel in Samaria
Act 8:5  while Philip went down to the city of Samaria and proclaimed Christ there.
Act 8:6  Crowds of people, with one accord, gave attention to what they heard from him, listening, and witnessing the signs which he did.
Act 8:7  For, with a loud cry, foul spirits came out of many possessed by them, and many paralytics and lame persons were restored to health.
Act 8:8  And there was great joy in that city.

Note:a) Philip went to the Samaritans and proclaimed Christ to them. The Samaritans were estranged from the Jews who called them ‘dogs’ meaning ‘unclean half- breeds’.# So this was a very big step out for the Gospel as previously all ‘believers’ were only Jews - from all over the world.
b) They gave attention, listened and believed being convinced by the miraculous signs which Philip did. Surely Signs-following Evangelism convinces even your enemies of the Truth of your message.
c) Demon possessed were delivered with loud shreiks and many paralytics and cripples were made whole. This quickly brought attention.
When Pasteur Cizeron went to Isle de la Reunion in the Indian Ocean to preach the Gospel, the deliverance of a demon possessed woman soon had 5,000 crowding to hear the Gospel each evening. Many hundreds were saved in St Denis and the surrounding towns. Now about 200 assemblies are packed each Sunday to hear the Good News.

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