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Theme Number 54 Acts 24 Paul’s Trial Before Governor Felix in Caesurea

Mat 10:17  Jesus says, “But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to councils, and in their synagogues they will scourge you;

Mat 10:18  yea and before governors and kings shall ye be brought for my sake, for a testimony to them and to the Gentiles.
Mat 10:19  But when they deliver you up, be not anxious how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that hour what ye shall speak.
Mat 10:20  For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father that speaketh in you.”

Paul before Governor Felix
The Accusations against Paul.

Five days after arriving in Caesarea the High Priest, Ananias, some elders and a lawyer, Tertullus, brought charges against paul before the Governor. Acts 24:1
The charges were: that Paul was a trouble-maker, stirring up riots all over the world; he was a ringleader of the Nazarene Sect; and that he even tried to desecrate the temple in Jerusalem.

Paul’s defense.
Act 24:10  Then, at a sign from the Governor, Paul answered, "Knowing, Sir, that for many years you have administered justice to this nation, I cheerfully make my defence.
Act 24:11  For you have it in your power to ascertain that it is not more than twelve days ago that I went up to worship in Jerusalem;
Act 24:12  and that neither in the Temple nor in the synagogues, nor anywhere in the city, did they find me disputing with any opponent or collecting a crowd about me.
Act 24:13  Nor can they prove the charges which they are now bringing against me.
Act 24:14  But this I confess to you--that in the Way which they style a heresy, I worship the God of our forefathers, believing everything that is taught in the Law or is written in the Prophets,
Act 24:15  and having a hope directed towards God, which my accusers themselves also entertain, that before long there will be a resurrection both of the righteous and the unrighteous.
Act 24:16  This too is my own earnest endeavour--always to have a clear conscience in relation to God and man.
Act 24:17  "Now after an interval of several years I came to bring alms to my nation, and to offer sacrifices.
Act 24:18  While I was busy about these, they found me in the Temple purified, with no crowd around me and no uproar; but there were certain Jews from the province of Asia.
Act 24:19  They ought to have been here before you, and to have been my prosecutors, if they have any charge to bring against me.
Act 24:20  Or let these men themselves say what misdemeanour they found me guilty of when I stood before the Sanhedrin,
Act 24:21  unless it was in that one expression which I made use of when I shouted out as I stood among them, "'The resurrection of the dead is the thing about which I am on my trial before you to-day.'"
Act 24:22  At this point Felix, who was fairly well informed about the new faith, adjourned the trial, saying to the Jews, "When the Tribune Lysias comes down, I will enter carefully into the matter."
Act 24:23  And he gave orders to the Captain that Paul was to be kept in custody, but be treated with indulgence, and that his personal friends were not to be prevented from showing him kindness.

1) that Paul vigorously defended his actions and said that the resurrection of the dead was the belief which was being put on trial.
2) Act 24:16  This too is my own earnest endeavour--always to have a clear conscience in relation to God and man.
The truth will always out and it is important for us to have a clear conscience and speak with honesty.
3)  Act_24:14. It is nothing new for the Scriptural and right way to worship to be called “heresy.” Jesus Christ Himself was called a heretic.

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