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Peter’s sermon to Gentiles in Cornelius’ house.

Pter arrives at Cornelius' House
2) Peter’s sermon to Gentiles in Cornelius’ house.
Act 10:27  As Peter entered the house, he was still talking with Cornelius. Many people were there,
Act 10:28  and Peter said to them, "You know that we Jews are not allowed to have anything to do with other people. But God has shown me that he doesn't think anyone is unclean or unfit.
Act 10:29  I agreed to come here, but I want to know why you sent for me."
Act 10:30  Cornelius answered: Four days ago at about three o'clock in the afternoon I was praying at home. Suddenly a man in bright clothes stood in front of me.
Act 10:31  He said, "Cornelius, God has heard your prayers, and he knows about your gifts to the poor.
Act 10:32  Now send to Joppa for Simon Peter. He is visiting in the home of Simon the leather maker, who lives near the sea."
Act 10:33  I sent for you right away, and you have been good enough to come. All of us are here in the presence of the Lord God, so that we can hear what he has to say.
Act 10:34  Peter then said: Now I am certain that God treats all people alike.

Notes :
1. Peter and his companions had walked from Joppa to Caesarea about 30miles or 56Km. They arrived the next day.
2. Peter explained that he now believed that no one was unclean or unfit for the Kingdom of God.v. 28
3. The Angel of the Lord explained that God had heard his prayers and took note of his gifts to the poor. God is not ignorant of your prayers and your kindness to others. Vv 31-32
4. The whole household of Cornelius were assembled in his house waiting for the arrival of Peter and to hear what he had to say.
5. Peter was now convinced that God treats everyone alike. he has no favourites.

Act 10:35  God is pleased with everyone who worships him and does right, no matter what nation they come from.
God is looking for true worshippers ( people who reverence, venerate, to treat Him with deference or reverential obedience) and people who do what is right. (integrity, virtue, purity of life, rightness, correctness of thinking feeling, and acting) Thayer’s Dictionary.
Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4   God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth.
Act 10:36  This is the same message that God gave to the people of Israel, when he sent Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, to offer peace to them.
Act 10:37  You surely know what happened everywhere in Judea. It all began in Galilee after John had told everyone to be baptized.
Act 10:38  God gave the Holy Spirit and power to Jesus from Nazareth. He was with Jesus, as he went around doing good and healing everyone who was under the power of the devil.
Act 10:39  We all saw what Jesus did both in Israel and in the city of Jerusalem. Jesus was put to death on a cross.
Act 10:40  But three days later, God raised him to life and let him be seen.
He preached the Life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This is the essence of the Gospel. 1 Cor 15 :1-3

Act 10:41  Not everyone saw him. He was seen only by us, who ate and drank with him after he was raised from death. We were the ones God chose to tell others about him.
Act 10:42  God told us to announce clearly to the people that Jesus is the one he has chosen to judge the living and the dead.
Act 10:43  Every one of the prophets has said that all who have faith in Jesus will have their sins forgiven in his name.
Note here:
1.  He revealed himself to his chosen Apostles and instructed them to announce, proclaim and preach that jesus is the One God has chosen to Judge the living and the dead.
2. The  Prophets had spoken of those who ahd faith in Jesus would receive the forgiveness of their sins.
1. God is recording our lives, our prayers and our giving to help the poor.
2.  God is impartial. He’s looking for true worshippers and righteous living.
3. WE are to prclaim that Jesus is the Judge of all.

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