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Theme Number 35 Reasons behind Paul’s second missionary journey.

Theme Number 35 Reasons behind Paul’s second missionary journey.

Act 15:36  After a while Paul said to Barnabas, "Suppose we now revisit the brethren in the various towns in which we have made known the Lord's Message--to see whether they are prospering!"

Notes : The Second  Missionary Journey of Paul began because of a suggestion by Paul to Barnabas to revisit the various towns and check-up on the condition of the churches begun on the first trip. There was no prophetic word but a concern for the welfare of their brothers in Christ. Reasons for a missionary Journey can be different and varying. the First Missionary Journey was launched after a prophetic word, ‘Separate unto me Paul and barnabas for the work to which I have called them.’ There was prayer and fasting and much seeking of the Will of God.

The Third Missionary Journey began with Paul setting out to visit the churches in Galatia and Phrygia
with a desire to strengthen the Disciples. Acts 18:23 He was just fulfilling his calling.
The Fourth Journey to Rome seems to have had been arranged by the Lord as Paul was in chains in Caesarea and he appealed to Caesar.
There are many ways of being directed by the Lord into His Work: prophecy, reasonable suggestions, a fulfilling of God’s call upon your life, and then a Divinely Orchestrated set of circumstances.

A Modern Day Paul and Silas

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