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Theme Number 39 The Deliverance of the Spiritist Slave.

Acts 16 : 16 - 24

Simon Magnus the Sorcerer  in Samaria.  8:9-24
The Punishment of Elymus the Jewish Magician on Cyprus
We have seen people who are filled with bitterness and wickedness before in Acts of the Apostles. Bar-Jesus or Elymas on the Island of Cyprus had opposed Paul and Barnabas as they spoke of jesus to the Governor Sergius Paulus.Acts 13:4-12 Paul called him “a child of the devil. He was blinded for a season by the Power of God and the Governor was converted.

The Deliverance of the Spiritist Necromancer. Acts 16:16-24
Notice here:
1. She was possessed of a spirit.v.16
(necromancy) Divination involving the dead or death; Loosely, any sorcery or witchcraft, especially involving death or the dead, particularly sorcery involving raising or reanimating the dead.

(Spiritism) Contact with spirits through methods such as summoning, channeling, evoking or invoking, using a spirit guide, using drugs, using a Ouija Board, worshipping spirits, or various rituals. ....

2. By this evil spirit she predicted the future.v.16
This is a Spirit of divination (πνεῦμα Πύθωνα)
Lit., a spirit, a Python. Python, in the Greek mythology, was the serpent which guarded Delphi. According to the legend, as related in the Homeric hymn, Apollo descended from Olympus in order to select a site for his shrine and oracle. Having fixed upon a spot on the southern side of Mount Parnassus, he found it guarded by a vast and terrific serpent, which he slew with an arrow, and suffered its body to rot (πυθεῖν) in the sun. Hence the name of the serpent Python (rotting); Pytho, the name of the place, and the epithet Pythian, applied to Apollo. The name Python was subsequently used to denote a prophetic demon, and was also used of soothsayers who practised ventriloquism, or speaking from the belly. The word ἐγγαστρίμυθος, ventriloquist, occurs in the Septuagint, and is rendered having a familiar spirit (see Leviticus 19:31; 20:6, 27; 1 Samuel 28:7, 8). The heathen inhabitants of Philippi regarded the woman as inspired by Apollo; and Luke, in recording this ease, which came under his own observation, uses the term which would naturally suggest itself to a Greek physician, a Python-spirit, presenting phenomena identical with the convulsive movements and wild cries of the Pythian priestess at Delphi.

3. She brought much profit to her masters by fortune telling.
Her masters (tois kuriois autēs). Dative case. Joint owners of this poor slave girl who were exploiting her calamity, whatever it was, for selfish gain, just as men and women today exploit girls and women in the “white slave” trade. As a fortune-teller she was a valuable asset for all the credulous dupes of the community. Simon Magus in Samaria and Elymas Barjesus in Cyprus had won power and wealth as soothsayers.RWP

4. She shouted out the truth about Salvation for many days Acts 16:18
Satan uses these demon-possessed to speak half-truths so as to deceive the gullible.
The same followed Paul ... - Why she did this, or under what presence, the sacred writer has not informed us. It may have been:
(1)That as she prophesied for gain, she supposed that Paul and Silas would reward her if she publicly proclaimed that they were the servants of God. Or,
(2)Because she was conscious that an evil spirit possessed her, and she feared that Paul and Silas would expel that spirit, and by proclaiming them to be the servants of God she hoped to conciliate their favor. Or,
(3)More probably it was because she saw evident tokens of their being sent from God, and that their doctrine would prevail; and by proclaiming this she hoped to acquire more authority, and a higher reputation for being herself inspired. Compare Mar_5:7.Barnes

In the Name of JESUS

5. Delivered by the Powerful Name of Jesus

Act 16:18  And this she did for many days. But Paul, being greatly annoyed and turning around, said to the spirit, "I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her." And he came out in that very hour.
I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her, and he came out the same hour; this is an instance of that power which Christ gave to his apostles to cast out devils in his name, Mat_10:1
There is authority in the Name of Jesus to expel demons.

1. Be unafraid and courageous to expel demonic powers. We have power over all the power of the Enemy in the name of Jesus.
2. the Devil is a DECEIVER and he uses weak-willed women to perform his tricks.

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