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Theme Number 23 Acts 8:26-40 : Conversion of The Ethiopian Treasurer.

The Necessity of OBEDIENCE.
Act 8:26  And an angel of the Lord said to Philip, "Rise and proceed south to the road that runs down from Jerusalem to Gaza, crossing the Desert."
Act 8:27  Upon this he rose and went. Now, as it happened, an Ethiopian eunuch who was in a position of high authority with Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, as her treasurer, had visited Jerusalem to worship there,
Act 8:28  and was now on his way home; and as he sat in his chariot he was reading the Prophet Isaiah.
Act 8:29  Then the Spirit said to Philip, "Go and enter that chariot."

Notes : an angel of the Lord said to Philip, "Rise and proceed south..... Upon this he rose and went.
Here is the secret of Christian Service - obedience.  Soon after this we have: “Then the Spirit said to Philip, "Go and enter that chariot."  v.30  So Philip ran up and cried out ’Do you understand what you are reading?” He was reading from Isaiah 53.
Here was a man of Influence, the Treasurer of Queen Candace of Ethiopia.
He been to Jerusalem to worship. He was a God- seeker and a Scripture searcher. He was reading Hebrew or Greek (the Septuagint) which was not his native language. It seems as if God heard the cry of this man’s heart and sent Philip to answer his prayer.

Philip tells him the Good News about Jesus from the very Passage Is.53
Act 8:30  So Philip ran up and heard the eunuch reading the Prophet Isaiah. "Do you understand what you are reading?" he asked.
Act 8:31  "Why, how can I," replied the eunuch, "unless some one explains it to me?" And he earnestly invited Philip to come up and sit with him.
Act 8:32  The passage of Scripture which he was reading was this: "LIKE A SHEEP HE WAS LED TO SLAUGHTER, AND JUST AS A LAMB BEFORE ITS SHEARER IS DUMB SO HE OPENED NOT HIS MOUTH.
Act 8:34  "Pray, of whom is the Prophet speaking?" inquired the eunuch; "of himself or of some one else?"
Act 8:35  Then Philip began to speak, and, commencing with that same portion of Scripture, told him the Good News about Jesus.

a) People need the Gospel explained to them from the Scriptures
b) Jesus is the Lamb of God led to the slaughter. This was prophesied 700 years before Christ came by Isaiah.
c) The Good News about Jesus is that He was punished in our place. While we were still sinners Christ DIED for us.
d) In His Humiliation He was denied justice.
John GIll says: “ The humiliation, or low estate of Christ, lay in his assumption of human nature, with the weaknesses and imperfections of it; in the meanness of his parentage and education; in the sorrows he endured from his cradle to his cross; in his last conflict with Satan in the garden; in his being apprehended, bound, scourged, and condemned, both by the sanhedrim, and the Roman governor; and in being enclosed with the assembly of the wicked soldiers, who put on him their own clothes, and a crown of thorns on his head, and a reed in his hand, and then in a mock manner bowed to him as king of the Jews; and last of all in his obedience to death, even the death of the cross, and in his being laid in the grave “
Perhaps today You need to Know that Christ died for you. He can forgive you all your sins because He paid the price to redeem you and set you free. HE IS ABLE TO DELIVER YOU TODAY.

The Meaning of Baptism
Act 8:36  So they proceeded on their way till they came to some water; and the eunuch exclaimed, "See, here is water; what is there to prevent my being baptized?"
Act 8:38  So he stopped the chariot; and both of them--Philip and the eunuch--went down into the water, and Philip baptized him.
Act 8:39  But no sooner had they come up out of the water than the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again. With a glad heart he resumed his journey;
They went down into the water showing that they were Baptised - Immersed , plunge.  Baptism signifies “DEATH _ BURIAL_ AND RESURRECTION WITH CHRIST” read Romans 6 : 1-7.

Accept Jesus as Your Saviour today and BE BAPTISED!

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